Illustration created to use in a pitch for the X-Box Live Arcade game "Legion."

-Meghann Pardee and Michael Emig

Personal piece. "The Rising"

-Michael Emig

Cover for Untitled sci-fi book. -Meghann Pardee and Michael Emig

Personal piece. Mock-up of art from "Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus," a World of Darkness game-book.

-Meghann Pardee

Personal piece. "The Dreamer." -Michael Emig

Cover for "Dartboard."

-Meghann Pardee

"Mirrors of Anguish" book cover by R. P. Kraul, first version. -Meghann Pardee

Cover for YA novel "Stay."

-Meghann Pardee

Cover for crime novel "Gates of Perdition."

-Meghann Pardee

Personal piece. Mock-up of "Barbarians" character art in game-books used for Tabletop-RPGs.

-Meghann Pardee

Personal piece. Character design of the archangel Raphael, for competition on

-Meghann Pardee

Trading card art of "Sacrificial Ceremony" for Santon Games. -Michael Emig.

Character art of Cassandra from "Vaempires" by Thomas Winship. -Meghann Pardee

Character art of Sigrid, created for "The Girls from Alcyone II" by Cary Caffrey.

-Meghann Pardee.

Personal piece. Mock-up of wraparound cover for "Temeraire" by Naomi Novik. -Michael Emig

Album cover for "Giants Under the Sun." -Michael Emig

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